About us


Rhein Engineering Metall GmbH (REMCO) was established in 2013 as an industrial trading company in the iron and steel sector in Düsseldorf, Germany. The core activities of the company were concentrated on procurement of steel plants equipment and spare parts as well as distribution of steel products to the European target markets . Following the developments of the REMCO market share, the company has extended its activities for the supply of raw material to steel industries as a second business line. In line with the mentioned achieved improvements of the REMCO business structure, which resulted in a considerable expansion of exports to global markets, REMCO made the decision to further develop its business capabilities in the International market. Subsequent to the maturity of the company´s business core activities, adaptations were made to the organizational structure, human resources and administrative activities. Today, REMCO enjoys a dedicated and experienced team, along with its loyal and reliable customers and suppliers, which have led to its success in the sphere of exporting equipment, spare parts and raw materials to MENA and distribution of semi-finished and finished products to the EU and other target markets.

I. Equipment and Spare Parts

This sphere of activity includes all ranges of spare parts, machineries, equipment and projects, covering almost all segments of the steel supply chain i.e. mining, pelletizing, steel making, rolling mills and warehousing. REMCO also identifies European producers and suppliers with innovative products and processes, which would help to improve the productivity of steel mills, enabling the suppliers to work with end users.

II. Raw Materials Trading

Raw materials play an important role in the iron and steel industry, therefore, REMCO has improved its capabilities in this business line and nowadays, trade of raw material has become one of the core activities of the company. Graphite Electrodes for EAFs and coke and coal for blast furnaces. is the most important business of REMCO in this field.

III. Semis & Finished Products

Since its establishment, REMCO has successfully been active in the Asian and European markets with the supply of a variety of products. Sales of slabs with the supply of a comprehensive range of flat products i.e. HRC/S, CRC/S, and long products and sections as well as priliminary products like DRI and HBI, have marked REMCO to serve as one of most reliable distribution channels in Europe and Asia. REMCO's objective is to ensure customer´s satisfaction by improving the efficiency of its processes.

IV. Technical Services

In line with the supply of a wide range of activities in the iron and steel industry, REMCO has optimized other supportive processes including financial, technical and project managerial services, forwarding, inspection and handling services to better serve customers and business partners.